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The small canned flowers are a lovely gift for young and old or for yourself. You can see the little plants growing and be happy about the thriving and flowering. Read more
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MacFlowers makes you happy :)

Real hops grow from this can.

Real brewing hops are extremely fast-growing and very decorative climbing plants. Grows up to 5 meters high.

From March to May outdoors, in pots or cold frames. Cover seed with soil and keep moist. Sowing depth about 1-2 cm.

Germination after 2 weeks at an optimum temperature of 15°C.

Spread out or spread grains 5-10cm apart. Approx. 2-3 grains in the pot. Give a trellis early and lead it up to a trellis or fence.

Sunny, sheltered. Deep, nutrient-rich, calcareous soil.

Harvest time mid-July to autumn. Use Ideal climbing plants for all locations.

The plant can be cultivated for several years. To do this, cut back the plant completely and let it sprout again in the spring.

The small canned flowers are a lovely gift for young and old or for yourself.
You can see the little plants growing and be happy about the thriving and flowering.

The cans contain a dry granule, the seed and nutrients that the plant needs to thrive.
All you have to do is keep the granules moist and place the can on a bright windowsill in the house.

How to do it:
1 Open the top lid.
2 Pour in water until the contents of the can are well moistened and wait a moment.
3 Open the drain on the bottom of the can and drain off any excess water.
4 Reattach the plastic can tray.
5 Allocate the plant a place with very good light conditions, preferably behind a glass window and always keep it slightly moist.
6 Cover the culture vessel with cling film, making holes in it. This protects the soil from drying out. You should remove the foil for 2 hours every two to three days.
- upright, sprawling, bushy, perennial, overhanging
- Height approx. 300 - 800 cm, decorative, edible, pot conservatory
- Germination time: after two to three weeks, in a bright and warm place with 20 to 25° Celsius
- From May, when it no longer freezes, you can plant the young plants outdoors.
- Flowering period: July, August
- Location: warm, partial shade to full sun, sheltered near a southern wall or wall.
- Overwintering: Potted plants overwinter best in bright light at temperatures between 5° and 15° Celsius. For sleeping trees planted out, we recommend winter protection with leaves for the root area and fleece or coconut mats for the trunk in the first few years.
- Winter hardy: with increasing age down to -15° C

Can dimensions: height 8 cm, diameter 7.5 cm.

The cans are 100% recyclable.

Made in Germany:
Bottled and made in Germany - Schleswig Holstein.
The seed is supplied exclusively by German manufacturers.

All product components are manufactured in Germany and therefore no long transport routes are necessary.
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